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Welcome to Gracepuretrade investment company website. Our team has made every effort for your money not only to bring significant income, but also to stay safe.
get10% to15% daily
Official registration of trust management services from HK company Cryptocom Limited (also known as Gracepuretrade in the UK) is the key to your financial success and security of your investment!
Investment plans
Due to the thought-out development strategy, Gracepuretrade offers its customers perfect conditions for cooperation and lifelong income from each deposit. Rate our advantages in the form of daily accruals and instant payments! Join today to receive the first profits tomorrow!
4.5% DailyFor 5 Days
Ref. Commission8% / 2% / 1%
Minimum deposit$100
Instant Withdrawals+
We acceptBitcoin accepted
17.5% DailyFor 30 Days
Ref. Commission8% / 2% / 1%
Minimum deposit$1000
Instant Withdrawals+
We acceptBitcoin accepted
20% DailyFor 32 Days
Ref. Commission8% / 2% / 1%
Minimum deposit$5,000
Instant Withdrawals+
We acceptBitcoin accepted
25% DailyFor 15 Days
Ref. Commission8% / 2% / 1%
Minimum deposit$5,000
Instant Withdrawals+
We acceptBitcoin accepted
Before you start investing feel free to calculate your potential profit after certain period. We remind you that our cooperation system does not suggest a deposit return. Your investments are a part of the company’s assets and can not be returned. You get a lifetime income instead.

To use calculator choose an amount you will invest and select number of days profit after which you want to know. The minimum you can invest is 0.001 Bitcoin. Your profit is accrued every 24 hours and is fixed. In case you have two and more deposits each has its own accrual terms.
Total days
Your profit222.33 BTC
Order Gracepuretrade debit card!
Available in both card types - VISA and MasterCard
Convenient instant exchange of USD for Bitcoin
One of the main advantages of cooperation with Gracepuretrade is the possibility to issue a nominal debit card of the popular European bank. Using this type of card allows you to easily operate cryptocurrency, to instantly exchange or purchase Bitcoin, to pay in shops, to withdraw cash from ATMs and more.

Card issuing is available for a particular group of customers who are active investors with a deposit of 10 Bitcoin or more after the compulsory verification of identity and physical address.
Partnership Program
To promote Gracepuretrade investment platform and cryptocurrency use as a payment instrument, we have developed a special bonus program, which allows you to earn money without making your own deposit. It is the best solution for those customers who want to build own online business as part of our investment project.
1 referral level8%
2 referral level2%
3 referral level1%
Partnership program of the company has three levels, which implies earnings not only from your direct referrals, but also from the deposits of investors who have been attracted by your referrals. Using partnership tools is unlimited, you can place a unique partnership link in the resource available to you online, on websites, forums, blogs, advertising platforms.

The larger is the audience that sees and uses your link, the more is the probability of your income growth! Besides the partnership link, your account also contains animated banners - the ready-made tool in the form of html code that has the necessary link with your username. See detailed information about the partnership program benefits in a separate section of the website.