FAQ company
If you need additional information about the company, we recommend you to carefully read this section, which is presented in the form of questions and answers.
What does Gracepuretrade do?
Gracepuretrade is one of the leaders at international cryptocurrency investment market, it is engaged in mining and cryptocurrency trade for profit.
For how long do you plan to work?
Gracepuretrade is registered quite recently, so we have a clear development plan for the next 10 years.
How safe are the investments offered by Gracepuretrade?
We make every effort for your deposit to be fully secured and to bring stable income. We can safely call our investments risk-free.
Can I visit your office?
Of course! Despite the fact that we offer online services, you have the opportunity of a personal meeting with the company’s representatives in your country. We can also facilitate your visit to the United Kingdom or Hong Kong, covering all travel costs, provided a certain amount of deposit. For more information, please contact customer support via email.
How to get a Gracepuretrade debit card?
Card issuing is available for a particular group of customers who are active investors with a deposit of 10 Bitcoin or more after the compulsory verification of identity and physical address.